Waves: Paradise of Loss | iStorya.net

In the film Waves (dir. Don Frasco, Waverly Pictures: PHL 2013), a young man Ross (Baron Geisler) attempts to rekindle a romance with Sofia (Ilona Struzik). They travel to a remote island and navigate both their past and present, feeling their way through to determine if they have a future together.

In his debut film, Frasco shows both prowess and refinement in helming the audiovisual elements. It's been noted by critics and reviewers that like Terrence Malick, Frasco's frames of a sea's far horizon, of its rolling depths and of an island's solitidunous stretch of shores are poetic imagery in motion. Within the static, long shots, the moving imagery surrounds and immerses the viewers in emotional atmospheres identical to the internal natures of the two protagonists.