Of Solitude, Reflection, and Waves | Tales of an Extreme Onion Hater

An interview with Cebuano director Don Gerardo Frasco about his fascination with cameras, his first movie, and how it almost did not come into reality. That mocie is called, Waves, a tumultuous love story between Ross (Baron Geisler) and Sofia (Ilona Struzik), and a battle between having to settle for indefinite happiness and the right thing to do. The movie is brilliantly pleasing to the eyes due to the perfect choices of locations made by Don, showcasing Palawan and Cebu.

With his movie finally out on demand in Vimeo and a commercial release by Viva in June this year, things are looking to be busier than usual for Don. I caught up with him recently to know how his passion for making movies began, the pains and wins on working on his first movie, as well as his plans this year.