Waverly Pictures is a boutique Philippine production company with a mission to produce projects that have sincere impact on society and its culture.  It exists with the idea that fundamental principles can be influenced and shaped through cinema in ways that ignite passion and a resilient interest in contributing back to the world. 

Waves’ is Waverly's first film.  It is a story about intimate friendship, love and heart break.

'Mango Avenue' is its next film project, currently in development.  It follows a single mom in her final college year who wants everything for her daughter, but her years of moonlighting as a call girl makes this journey towards a decent life harder than it may seem.

Both films are produced/directed by Waverly Pictures' founder, filmmaker Don Gerardo Frasco



Waverly Cinetech is a production equipment rental house located in Cebu, Philippines. Its goal is to support filmmakers in Cebu and its neighboring islands by contributing in building the local filmmaking infrastructure.

On the long term, it aims to help make Cebu more attractive to productions around the world.

Initially, it’s focusing on essential filmmaking packages with emphasis on camera movement to enable creative shots and increase production value.