Going Against the Tide with Waves | ZeroThreeTwo

“Movies have a profound effect on an individual, a society, a generation. My dream is to have a sustainable local film industry in Cebu. Waves is the first baby step to that dream.”

Strong words from Don Gerardo Frasco, homegrown Cebuano filmmaker at the exclusive premiere of his film, Waves, held at Ayala Center Cebu last September 5, 2014.

Waves is Frasco’s directorial debut, starring Baron Geisler, Ilona Struzik, Pilar Pilapil and Leo Pilapil. The film, shot entirely in Palawan and Cebu, is a romantic drama of loneliness and loss ironically set in the backdrop of pristine paradise. Here, we are introduced to two troubled individuals Ross and Sophia, who go on a spontaneous trip to an unnamed island only to find themselves rekindling old feelings, but not without some complications.