A Steady Splash | Cebu Daily News

Substantially eighty-five minutes of drifting, crashing, riding on waves of intimacy both high and low, “Waves” follows two estranged inter-racial lovers on the brink of seeking a second chance at being back into each other’s arms. Baron Geisler plays Ross, a broken architect and interloper to Ilona  Struzik’s distraught Sofia seemingly seeking  some kind of a closure.  The opening scene is a shot inside an airplane—with a pensive Sofia, she of disheveled hair and the saddest of eyes—in a slight soliloquy of introspection that sets the tone of longing.

What happens if the greatest love of your life that you have been missing greatly decides to drop a magazine (via the mail) with her face splashed in the inside pages, like an ambivalent invitation?