Waves Review | Screen Relish

Isolated in the dappled beauty of a Filipino island, surrounded by the calming ceaseless motion of the ocean, Ross (Baron Geisler) and Sofia (Ilona Struzik) let their love affair loose all around them. WAVES, first feature from indie filmhouse Waverly Pictures, is a love letter written in the sand. It’s waiting to be washed away.

The film captures instantly that sense of time running out into nothing. The island is suspended reality, on which these two old friends can rekindle a moment they shared in the past that they both know has a very uncertain future. It is fitting that WAVES is constructed like a dream itself, focusing mostly on that postcard-like surreal beauty of an unspoilt island with wide sky and ocean shots, which lul not only us but the couple into a trance. There is little conversation; the surroundings speak for themselves.