Mango Avenue, 2015

An intimate story of growth and self-discovery — A graduating student moonlights as a courtesan to pay for tuition, and gets caught up in the whirlwind of living a double life as she traverses through the rough realities of young adulthood while living in the seedier side of Mango Avenue. 


Carina, early 20s, single-mother, studies college at a local university while she sends her daughter Haley to elementary school. To pay for the bills, she moonlights as a courtesan, especially around tuition payment deadlines. Over time, she has become comfortable with it.

Her regular client, Cecil, a middle-aged salaryman, depressed due to the death of his wife, spends his nights on the seedier side of Mango Avenue. This leaves him in a constant state of misery.

Meanwhile, Carina’s boyfriend, Max, coming from a conservative and religious family, struggle with his own inner contradictions. Despite being fully aware and accepting of her moonlighting activities, he increasingly becomes troubled by it.

After graduation, things change for all of them. Carina decides to quit and finds out that it’s not easy to find a decent job. Max’s repressed feelings begin to surface in a way he doesn’t fully comprehend. Cecil gets caught by his daughter, who uncovers a much deeper issue. By circumstance or by choice, a decision has to be made. 

Mango Avenue, ca 1940s 

General Maxilom Avenue, a.k.a Mango Avenue, got its nickname from the mango farm that used to exist there. Today, it’s one of Cebu’s busiest and most vibrant places with various institutions and establishments ranging from shops and bars to schools and churches.