Mango Avenue, 2015

A single mom in her final college year wants everything for her daughter, but her years of moonlighting as a call girl makes this journey towards a decent life harder than it may seem.  

Project Status: Script Revisions and Financing

Synopsis: CARINA, a college mom acclimated to moonlighting as a call girl to support her aloof preteen daughter, HALEY, develops a relationship with MAX, a churchgoing nautical student who pressures her to stop working as a prostitute but has nothing to offer in return. Though Carina wants to stop, she has no other source of income, and KOMANDER, her domineering madame is not about to let her go. When Carina finds out that Haley is aware of what she does for a living, Carina realises that she should get out before Haley gets sucked into this life.

Mango Avenue, ca 1940s 

About the title: General Maxilom Avenue, a.k.a Mango Avenue, got its nickname from the mango farm that used to exist there. Today, it’s one of Cebu’s busiest and most vibrant places with various institutions and establishments ranging from shops and bars to schools and churches.